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Many of you know I (Founder Sarah) wear a special hairpiece to help with my trichotillomania, that stays on for up to 4 weeks at a time. I  traveled to Pennsylvania earlier this year where I learned how to do the process and received the special piece to take home. It’s been over 6 months and my hair has obviously grown past the length of the piece, and the hair colour was starting to fade on the piece a bit. I decided to contact someone to help me colour the hairpiece and get a hair cut since my sisters wedding was approaching.

I was put in touch with a friend of a friends cousin, Jenny Bell, who was a hair stylist and contacted her with the details of my situation. She decided to give it a go and my appointment was booked. I drove 25 minutes from Toronto to Markham for my appointment and when I arrived we had an extensive conversation about my concerns and wishes.

As many of us with Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling Disorder know, it can be an EXTREMELY stressful experience to even THINK about getting our hair cut. Most of us don’t get our hair cut at all because of the sheer panic that overwhelms us when we think about other people seeing our lack of hair. I was experiencing all these these typical thoughts and feelings before arriving at the salon. I asked Jenny if there was a more “private” area in the salon where I could feel comfortable without my hat/hairpiece on. She was more than accommodating and showed me the way to the “exclusive corner” at the very back of the salon, where I was safely hidden from wandering eyes.

Jenny had never worked with a hairpiece like mine before, but she was extremely eager and willing to learn. Throughout the appointment we discussed trichotillomania and I asked her loads of questions about hair itself. Jenny was an extremely amazing stylist and did such a great job of taking care of my unique needs. She worked so hard and definitely took the long road to make sure the hairpiece and my hair colour matched perfectly.  I was impressed with her eye for detail and was so happy with the way I looked when I left the salon.

If you have trichotillomania and live in Toronto/GTA I HIGHLY recommend the trip to the Markham/Stouffville area and giving Jenny a call to take care of your hair. She has already worked with several CBSN referrals and I’m sure they were just as happy as I was with her professionalism and genuine caring nature. Let her know CBSN referred you!

Thank you Jenny for being an amazing person and even more amazing stylist!

Contact Jenny directly here: 647-330-2355 or  jennibelle23@ yahoo.ca