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CBSN is very proud to present our first Awareness Video.

A big THANK YOU to Sky Wylie, a member of one of our Peer Support Groups, who put together this amazing video. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to watch the WHOLE video, as there is a big surprise at the end!

This project started back in October of 2013 when CBSN celebrated the first BFRB Awareness Week in Canada (Oct 1-7th). During this time we asked the community to take a picture of them holding posters asking them “Why they were raising BFRB Awareness”.  We had people sending in posters from all over the world & we are so thankful this project was such a success. Ultimately this video is to help Spread The Word and Break The Stigma surrounding Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours, and we hope you will continue this by sharing the video!