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The Meet the Leaders Series is an opportunity to learn some information about your peer support leaders before you attend a meeting.


KelsieHanna-5801Kelsie Hanna, Trichotillomania

My vision for the group is to bring people together so they know they are not alone and create as much awareness as possible with hairstylists, medical professionals, family members etc.

BFRB Edmonton & Area welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Here you become family and are thought of and treated as such.

I’m 27 years old and my battle with TTM started at the age of 4. I’ve learned over the years to find peace within myself and I am determined to be my disorder’s disorder. It is what I have, not who I am. I am a licensed stylist and am using that background to help educated other beauty professionals about BFRBs so they can better understand and help end the stigmas.