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By CBSN Founder: Sarah Robertson

I am someone who LOVES trying new products. I’ve spent so much money over the years on hair, skin and beauty/makeup products that I should probably have shares in Sephora & Shoppers Drug Mart. Having trich, I also tend to spend a lot on hats, hair accessories, and anything else that might help cover the damage. What I plan on doing in these beauty blogs, is help you discover new products/solutions that have worked for either myself or others in the community. Hopefully some of these will work for you! If you want to add any products to my list – please feel free to leave a comment!

Topic 1: Hats

Winter is something many of us with trich look forward to. Why? Because we can finally wear HATS without having people asking us why! It’s the little things that make us trichsters happy! When I was 12 I tended to wear hats that were not, “fashionable” so to speak. I grabbed any winter hat that was in my reach regardless if it was mine, my dad’s or sisters. It wasn’t a good look most of the time. I then graduated to bandanas! Much easier to prevent pulling, but not so easy to wear without looking like I was off to paint a house, ride a motorcycle or work on the farm.

Here are a few of the hats that I wear through the year, and as a bonus they’re considered fashionable and trendy!

*Where can I buy these hats? – If you live in Canada, I tend to get mine from Forever 21, Aldo Accessories, Claires, Ardene, and H&M. You could also order them online from many clothing stores.

1) The good old French Beret, a staple in my wardrobe.

Pros: Cheap, can find in most stores,  stylish for every age/hair length, numerous styles, come in every colour and can be worn through Spring, Fall, & Winter! If you knit, bonus!

Cons: Hair is easily accessible to pull


2) The Classic Beanie

Pros: Great during the winter – so many styles & colours for men, women and kids!

Cons: Easily accessible to hair


3) The Fedora

Pros: Comes in wool or straw for various seasons and temperatures! Great for men and women. Always stylish.

Cons: Can fly off if not heavy enough. Easily accessible to hair.


4) The Floppy Hat

Pros: Perfect for the summer or fall

Cons: Can be quite large and might not suit everyone’s style


5) The Baseball Hat

Pros: The best weapon for every head and hair style. Can be worn with dressy or casual looks.

Cons: NONE!


If you live in Canada, I tend to get my hats from Forever 21, Aldo Accessories, Claires, Ardene, and H&M. You could also order them online! Do you have any hats that you love? Please share!


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