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Last year around this time, we worked with the thought of throwing away all the negative as we moved into the new year.

This year, I want to take a different perspective. Yes, throw away whatever is negatively impacting you, but there are some things you can bring with you.

Let’s take New Year’s Eve to reflect on all the good from the year and every victory or accomplishment we’ve made, great or small.

Two years ago I wrote a personal blog that asked people to celebrate the victories of skin picking, in particular the small stuff; this blog can be applied to all BFRBs though. We like to think of the milestones, but what about the little things that get us to those bigger points?

While it would be nice to leap to the finish line, we need to account for all the little steps that get us to that point.

The New Year doesn’t have to be a severance between where we’re coming from and where we’re going. It’s just a continuation of the journey we’re already on.

So take every moment of victory from the year — BFRB-related, non-BFRB related — and pack them all up to carry with you.

All those moments throughout the year where you thought, “I did it” or “that wasn’t so bad” or “I made it through,” bring those with you.

As the moment builds through the countdown and that strange sense of anticipation creeps up, think about all that you want to bring to the new year.

When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll have it all with you still. Every sigh of relief or mental pat on the back will still be right there waiting for what’s to come next.

And with these steps you’ve already taken, 2016 will already be off to a great start.


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