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Photo Courtesy of L. Atkin. www.lizatkin.com

Good news for our mental health friends across the pond!  This year the lovely Liz Atkin will be representing the BFRB community at the World Health Innovation Summit in London, England as an Ambassador!

I first met Liz this past April at the TLC BFRB Conference in Dallas, Texas. Liz is a visual artist,  compulsive charcoal maven, dancer and speaker extraordinaire. Liz will attest she isn’t extraordinaire in speaking, but I was there when she did the opening speech at the conference and my heart was in my throat, I had goosebumps and I was ready to hug a woman I’d never met before. Extraordinaire, indeed.

She also lives with dermatillomania and owns it.

We are very proud of Liz and the mark she is making for the BFRB community, here and in the United Kingdom.  She is already a quasi-ambassador on her own, now she has a professional entity giving her an official title.

Way to go!


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