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blog-submissionWe’re always open to receiving guest blogs of all kinds. You could share your personal story, the story of a loved one, creative writing, artwork, and even research. If you’re not sure if the blog is something we’d be interested in, feel free to ask!

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting.

  • Keep it between 500 and 1,500 words.
  • Keep it honest—we love true stories and people in the community are looking to identify with someone through their work.
  • Keep it friendly—don’t be bashing someone else for a different perspective than yours (an example being the pick/pull free mentality versus acceptance).
  • If it’s research-based, we’d love if you could cite your sources.
  • If you’re submitting an image with your blog, please submit it as it’s own file, not embedded in the word document.

As I said above, we accept all kinds of blogs, but here are a few that we’d love to see more of.

  • Dermatillomania and other BFRBs
  • Parents sharing their experiences of having a child with a BFRB
  • Significant others sharing about being with someone with a BFRB—this one is particularly important since many BFRBers think they will never find love

When you submit, your blog will undergo a read-through and editing process. You will be consulted for any and all changes that might be made to your entry to make sure the message you are trying to convey will not be changed and to make sure it is still true to you.

Send all questions and blog submissions to blog@canadianbfrb.org.

For questions, please put Blog Inquiry in the subject line.

For submissions, please put Blog Submission in the subject line.