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21 March, 2018
7:30pm - 9:00pm
University Toronto High School Meeting Room 100, 371 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 2R7, Canada Join us

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Our peer support group is for all folks living with BFRBs, no matter where you are in your journey with your disorder(s).  We welcome new folks to bring a supportive friend if they feel uneasy about their first meeting, or to reach out to Kala, the group leader at info@canadianbfrb.org  if you have any questions or concerns. Kala will be available in person for a quick chat before the meeting, if you would like to talk with her directly.

Our meeting is a safe space for ALL, regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference or disorder(s). UTS is %100 accessible. If you require extra assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Kala to arrange it.

We operate on a strict “what happens in group, stays in group” ideal. We encourage you to talk about your BFRB experience outside of group if you wish to, but ask that you be mindful as to not share personal details or identifiers of your fellow group members to others.

You are not required to share any information if you are not comfortable. Sometimes just experiencing the meeting is enough for some.

Please be mindful that CBSN does not actively support a strict “pull free” agenda, nor do we allow competitive “pull free” challenges within our group. You are welcome to involve yourself in these practices outside of our group space, however we respectfully ask that you refrain from initiating those challenges amongst your peers in the group.  CBSN is dedicated to providing acceptance to those in the community, helping folks to recognize who they are as a person is no less than a person with a full head of hair, eye lashes, or perfect scar-free skin.

University of Toronto Schools is located on the Yonge/University Line. The subway station closest to UTS is Spadina station and is a 2 minute walk from our location. UTS is along the 510 streetcar line.

There are two parking lots within 2 minutes walking distance of UTS.
1. 4 Spadina Road -Green P Carpark 259
-$6.00 flat fee overnight after 6pm OR
-$1.50/per half hour
2. 9 Madison Ave – Green P Carpark 238
-$6.00 flat fee overnight after 6pm OR
-$1.50/per half hour