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Body-focused repetitive behaviour awareness ribbon. Represents all BFRBs.

Each year, the Canadian BFRB Support Network and the body-focused repetitive behaviour community celebrates BFRB Awareness Week, which takes place from October 1-7. It’s a time to be even more open and honest about BFRBs and really push out awareness, including sharing with those who both need to know about BFRBs (such as people in the medical field) and people we might not normally approach.

Current statistics say 2 in every 50 people live with a BFRB, whether it be trichotillomania, dermatillomania, or otherwise. Many people with BFRBs never seek medical help, so that number could be even higher. Because of that, we want to bring as much awareness to BFRBs as possible, which we strive to do every day of the year, but BFRB Awareness Week is a time for the entire community to come together and do it as one strong unit.

Here at CBSN, we have a couple of yearly BFRB Week traditions, including a week-long feature of guest blog submissions and our annual Breaking Down BFRBs event (although that doesn’t always fall directly on BFRB Week. We also do an assortment of other things and are always working to find new ways to bring awareness to BFRBs.

Everyone can participate in CBSN’s activities, no matter where you’re from. Scroll down to find out how you can get involved with CBSN’s BFRB Week activities.

BFRB Week 2017

Breaking Down BFRBs 2017

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BFRB Week Guest Blogs