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For our fourth annual Breaking Down BFRBs event, we’ve partnered with HabitAware to raffle off one of its Keen bracelets. The Keen is a bracelet that helps you manage your behaviours by alerting you to when you are doing a specific motion it is trained to recognize. The bracelet emits a slight buzz and is a great addition to your therapy. Check out our review of the Keen bracelet at the bottom of this page or head to HabitAware’s website for more details.

We will be raffling off one sporty style bracelet at our event. The bracelet will be at our event for you to take home with you and includes three extra straps in case you prefer teal and for sizing purposes.

Tickets will be on sale at our event, with the price to be determined at a later date. We are also offering the opportunity to share a Facebook post (post is below) to get free entries into the draw. Please read the rules below and any questions can be directed to blog@canadianbfrb.org with the subject line Keen Raffle Question.


  • You must be attending the event and in attendance when we make the draw in order to claim the prize.
  • Maximum of 5 free entries through sharing this Facebook post. One per day.
  • The shared Facebook post must be publicly viewable or else we will not be able to see your share.
  • Facebook shares for free entries close at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

Share THIS Post to get up to five free entries into the draw!

CBSN Reviews Keen by HabitAware