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To learn more about BFRBs (e.g. trichotillomania and dermatillomania), as well as OCD and related disorders, you can visit the following online resources:

Binge Behavior (Forum)

Binge Behavior is a forum for BFRBs and Impulse Control Disorders.

Canadian OCD Network

The Canadian OCD Network (COOCDN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

Doesn’t It Hurt? Confessions of Compulsive Hair Pullers

A book available in print and digital formats that shares stories about 15 individuals from around the world who have trichotillomania. (Proceeds from every sale are donated to CBSN!)

The Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Located in Sunnybrook, Frederick W. Thompson Centre is the Canadian epicentre for research on OCD and related disorders including BFRBs.

International OCD Foundation

The International OCD Foundation aims to increase access to effective treatment, end the stigma associated with mental health issues, and foster a community for those affected by OCD and the professionals who treat them.

Project Dermatillomania

Project Dermatillomania is a book available in print and digital formts. It is a joint effort, which features the “stories of skin pickers in the hopes of reassuring others that they are not alone”. (Proceeds from sales are donated to CBSN!)

Skin Picking Support

Skin Picking Support offers resources to educate others on dermatillomania, and strategies to live a healthy lifestyle while living with dermatillomania.

Trichotillomania Learning Centre (TLC)

TLC is an international resource center whose mission is to end the suffering caused by Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors like hair pulling and skin picking disorder. Since 1991, TLC has provided education, outreach, and support of research into the cause and treatment of BFRB disorders.

The Trich Opportunity

The Trich Opportunity offers resources and personal accounts to educate and share with others about trichotillomania.