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Having a family member who has a BFRB can put a huge amount of stress on the entire family. At first you might not even know what to do, where to turn, or what to think. CBSN is here for to help guide you in the right direction.

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A good place to start is reading about BFRBs. Learn as much as you can – knowledge really is power. (Try here & here for starters).

Below, are a few tips on how to help your loved one:

  1. As much as you may be confused and frustrated, imagine how your loved one is feeling. Try to be supportive, understanding and patient.
  2. Do not feel guilty about your loved one having a BFRB, and vice versa make someone feel guilty they have a BFRB.
  3. Don’t embarrass your loved one in front of others in attempts to make them stop.
  4. View your relative’s hair pulling and/or skin picking behaviours as symptoms, not character flaws.
  5. Ask your relative if they would like your help dealing with their BFRB, do not force that help.
  6. Support your relative’s choices regarding treatment programs and medication.

For Parents

By just finding this page, you are already helping your child – so hats off to you. Here are a few articles and stories to give you some more insight into what your child may be feeling/going through:

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For Significant Others

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