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Last summer our first ever Bracelet Project was a HUGE SUCCESS! Let’s try to make this summer an even bigger and better hit! 

What is The Bracelet Project? – Many of us struggle with the urges to pick or pull when we are sitting on the couch, watching tv or talking on the phone. CBSN has come up with an idea to keep our hands busy for a good cause, all the while connecting with others and spreading awareness in the community. What better way than making friendship bracelets to send to a BFRBuddy/Penpal around the world. Let’s see how far awareness will spread! (psssst.  Summer camp is the best time to get a group of friends making bracelets together!) 


How does the Bracelet Project work?

Step 1: Make a friendship bracelet (Learn HERE)  – The only requirement is that the bracelets be made in the BFRB colours, blue and green. You can pick different shades of the two colours, and make different patterns, sizes etc. You can purchase the string from a local art supply store such as Michaels or even Target/Walmart. Why not get your friends and family to help make bracelets and raise funds for CBSN!

Step 2: Write a message –  Along with each bracelet, we ask that whoever is making the bracelet to write a small message of hope to your BFRBuddy/Penpal.  (Click here for an example –>> Dear BFRBuddy)  Fill out why you believe it is important to raise BFRB Awareness from the perspective of someone with BFRBs, from the point of view of someone who wants to support a loved one with BFRBs, etc.  The message is yours. (If you want, you can also add an email address so the person receiving the bracelet can stay in touch! Sort of like a virtual penpal)

Step 3: Mail your bracelets to CBSN – (email us for the address please) Your bracelet in itself is a gift to CBSN! To save money, we suggest making a few bracelets before you mail them out. If you belong to a support group, bring them to your leader who can mail them out as one package. *For those who would like to be reimbursed for the postage cost, CBSN will reimburse you via paypal once the bracelets are received.

Step 4: Raising Awareness and Funds – When CBSN receives a good amount of bracelets, we will sell them for $1  + shipping in our online store, at conferences, and at our support meetings across Canada. All of the money raised will help CBSN purchase more of our informational BFRB brochures to send across Canada!

Step 5: Take a Picture! Use your cellphone, use your digital camera, use your polaroid, or use your webcam — anything works.  Take a picture of the bracelet you made, or  purchased.

Step 6: Tag it and send it! Upload your picture onto a social media website, like Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.  In the description or the caption, tag it with #BFRBuddy #BraceletProject #BFRBAwareness, #BreakTheStigma, #SpreadTheWord and if you can tag CBSN, add @CanadianBFRB (on Twitter and Instagram).  If you’d rather just send in your pictures directly to CBSN, you can email it to info@canadianbfrb.org with the title “The Bracelet Project”.

We will have to rely on your generosity to volunteer and pay for the string you will use to make the bracelets. If you can’t afford to purchase the string but want to take part, please send us an email to info@canadianbfrb.org  (Michael’s and other art stores sell the string for 48 cents per colour).

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