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Check out the links below for tips and tricks from those of us at CBSN and from members of the body-focused repetitive behaviour community. Many BFRBers worry about how to avoid the picking, pulling, or biting, how to cover up the damage done by it, tips on relationships and so on. So we’ve been collecting and writing advice from our own experiences to share with others.

We’ve also included a section of tips and tricks for parents, caregivers, family members, loved ones, and so on. Scroll down to find it.

Have a suggestion or tip you’d like to give? Email blog@canadianbfrb.org with the subject line “BFRB Tip Suggestion” and let us know!

Tips to Curb Your BFRB

Tips/Tricks for Hair Pullers & Skin Pickers

Beauty Tips

BFRB Beauty & Fashion: Topic 2- Skin Care 101
Derma-Friendly Makeup Tips: Stockholm Syndrome with Makeup
Trich-Friendly Hair, Brow, and Lash Tips
Tips For Ingrown Hairs

Relationship Tips

BFRB Relationship Tips

Back-to-School Tips

BFRB Back-to-School Tips: Kindergarten to Grade 12
BFRB Back-to-School Tips: Post-Secondary
8 BFRB Back-to-School Tips

Tips to Sharing About Your BFRB

Tips for Making THE Facebook Post
The BFRB Conversation

Tips for Parents/Family Members/Caregivers

“Trichy Parenting”: Tips for Parents of Trichsters
Parents/Family Members