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Ending BFRB Awareness Week with a bang!

As October 1-7’s BFRB Awareness Week comes to its close, CBSN is pleased to announce that October 7 marks a step forward in Canadian BFRB Awareness

October 7, 2013 has been proclaimed as Canadian BFRB Awareness Day by the City of Toronto!  While the proclamation says Toronto, Canadian BFRB Awareness Day is something all of Canada should get involved in!  

On October 7, CBSN encourages everyone to learn more about these behaviours and to understand the challenges faced by affected individuals.  Click here for ways to get involved.

Looking towards the future.  It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come — one year ago, this day didn’t exist!  We’re hoping, little by little, more cities across Canada will have a day of BFRB Awareness Week proclaimed “Canadian BFRB Awareness Day.”  Eventually, CBSN hopes to have an entire week proclaimed as Canadian BFRB Awareness Week, so that we can spread the word about BFRBs and break the stigma surrounding them!

This is just the beginning. While today is the last day of BFRB Awareness Week, it’s just the beginning for raising BFRB awareness across Canada. CBSN encourages you to continue raising awareness in your community — family, friends, coworkers and others — about what BFRBs are, and to continue helping CBSN enable communities across Canada to provide support groups and reduce the stigma surrounding BFRBs and their mental health issues.

To learn more about how you and others can get, or have already been, involved click here!


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