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Not everyone will understand why you draw your eyebrows, and you shouldn’t have to explain. In the 90’s it was popular to shave eyebrows off and draw thin ones back on. Now eyebrows have to be “thick” to look good… there is no winning!!! eye

We originally found this post that was written by a member in online FB trichotillomania group. We thought it was a great way to summarize what so many trichsters have been feeling since the “eyebrow game” has hit an all time high.


Written by E.L. :

It’s time to face the facts. “Good” eyebrows are the latest trend in pop culture. There are all kinds of memes, tweets, posts, etc. out there insulting people with “ugly” eyebrows, but they have nothing to do with trich. Yes, our eyebrows look like S#$% (if they’re even there), but this trend isn’t aimed at us personally. It’s just another thing for teenagers to focus on so they don’t have to think about growing up or responsibilities. It’s happened to everyone at some point. Whether it’s skin colour, money, or even body fat, somebody has to draw the short stick.

We can either get hurt and offended about it, or we can laugh it off because we know it’s a stupid trend that eventually nobody will care about or even remember. We have bigger things to worry about. You beautiful, strong ladies should not be wasting your time worrying about whether or not you should be insulted by some idiots with computers.

Examples of “The Eyebrow Game”





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