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We are currently preparing for the Oct 2nd (2:30-4:30pm, at the Lillian H. Smith Library auditorium at 235 College St. in Toronto) BFRB kickoff event and I need some lovely folks who would like to share a little something neat about themselves at the event. You can speak for any amount of time ranging from 2 min to 15min, depending on your story (our discretion). You can have a powerpoint presentation as well.

-Are you an artist that uses art (any form) to express your disorder/metal health journey?

-Are you a BFRBer who is in long term remission and wants to inspire hope in others?

-Are you a BFRB advocate in your community? (in person, blogging, vlogging, etc)

-Were you an underdog? Do you have an inspirational story to share?

-Have you started your own BFRB peer support group? Want to share your experience with others who might want to do the same?

-Are you a professional that wants to serve the BFRB community with proven therapy techniques? (these will be limited)

-Got another idea for presentation? Send me an email at info@canadianbfrb.org.

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