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Welcome to CBSN’s #BFRBweek Headquarters!

Did you know that 2-4% of Canadians live with a Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB)? That equals 1-2 MILLION children and adults in Canada. There are several different BFRBs, but the most common include Hair Pulling Disorder (Trichotillomania) and Skin Picking Disorder (Dermatillomania/Excoriation). BFRBs are often left undiagnosed because there is a lack of education and awareness amongst doctors, mental health professionals and the sufferers themselves. Many who do have a BFRB may not even realize that they have a legitimate medical condition. Often people feel ashamed, embarrassed, and frustrated and may live in isolation or fear of having even their closest friends and family find out about their behaviours.

With our partners in the United States, the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC), we aim to raise awareness and understanding about Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours and related disorders.  Although we aim to break the silence and stigma surrounding BFRBs every day of the year, as Canadians, we can rally together as a community and spread hope to those who still may be suffering in silence. Together we can spread hope and necessary information about these otherwise silent disorders. In order to get access to proper treatment options, our priority at Canadian BFRB Support Network is to reduce stigma, promote education, and raise awareness about BFRBs in order for sufferers to get appropriate support as early as possible.


Our 3 goals for BFRB Week: Educate, Advocate, Donate.

 Learn about BFRBs & educate others!

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Fundraise with our #5forBFRB Campaign

For a schedule of all our daily events/topics please scroll to the bottom.


Social Media Pictures 

Change your social media backgrounds or banners with any of these BFRBweek Designs! Example of Facebook Banner:

Oct 1st-7th, 2015


Use the following hashtags on social media #BFRBweek or #5forBFRB or #BreakTheStigma /#SpreadTheWord 

2015 BFRB AWARENESS POSTER12042033_10155999734210401_1159348578_n

Show your support by participating in our annual Awareness Sign campaign!

  1. Download or draw the sign yourself. -> DOWNLOAD YOUR POSTER HERE <– Click link & Save PDF to your computer, Print in LANDSCAPE*
  2. Fill out your awareness poster  (Poster Example)
  3. Snap a picture of you holding the photo (covering your face or not), & upload to social media! Use the hashtag #BFRBweek or #BreakTheStigma in your post so we can see all the posters!
  4. Email your sign to info@canadianbfrb.org  (Subject Title: 2015 Awareness Sign) so we can compile all of the posters in one spot.

SELFIE CAMPAIGN:  Give a 5 Selfie challenge!

  1. Write any of the following on one of your hands:  BFRB Week, <3 CBSN, 5forBFRB
  2. Snap a selfie and share on various social media platforms. Use Hashtags!
  3. Challenge specific individuals (including celebrities!) to give a 5  for BFRB Awareness, or  they can Donate $5 to CBSN instead!
  4. Copy & paste our phrase when sharing your selfie:“I’m giving a 5 for #BFRB Awareness! I challenge _______to give a #5forBFRB, or donate $5 to CBSN  www.gofundme.com/5forbfrb)”

Selfie Examples:


What’s YOUR Story


mysterygirl WHOAMI_icon_300x

Whether you are supporting someone with a BFRB or you yourself have a BFRB, share your
story and help raise awareness! Download the instructions for submitting your blog post here.

Please send all submissions to blog @canadianbfrb.org, subject title: Guest Blog.

Where in the World?Green Pin

“CHECK IN” anonymously to let others know where you are raising BFRBAwareness!  Leave a pin (click the symbol like the one pictured here- add marker) with your initials or first name/name of country or closest city to you! Check in here <–


Take part in our 5 for BFRB fundraiser! — www.gofundme.com/5forbfrb

Here is a schedule of daily topics we will focus on during the week: [tockify calendar=”bfrbweek”]

Other great ideas? Feel free to send us some of your great ideas on how to raise BFRB awareness! You can email us info@canadianbfrb.org, subject title: BFRB Awareness Ideas.


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