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Living with a BFRB can be lonely, confusing and frustrating. So many of us have been “stuck in the closet,” or constantly hiding these disorders from our own family and friends. We have felt judged, lonely, scared, and confused all the while being misunderstood by doctors, family and friends. Having a support group to go to can be an outlet for anyone who has questions, needs support, wants to learn different ways on how to cope, and just meet other people who have BFRBs.

For meeting dates & locations, please visit our EVENTS Page.

Below is a list of current Peer Support Groups in Canada for BFRBs, as well as their contact information.


British Columbia


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New Brunswick

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Northwest Territories

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Nova Scotia


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Guelph: BFRBguelph@gmail.com

London: BFRBlondon@gmail.com

Markham: BFRBmarkham@gmail.com

Niagara Falls: bfrbniagara@gmail.com

Toronto (including GTA): info@canadianbfrb.org

Prince Edward Island

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Don’t see one listed here yet for a place near you? Would you like to start one? Send an e-mail to groups@canadianbfrb.org to receive more information! For more information on how to start your own support group, head over to this page.

*** If you contact a leader and do not hear back from them in 7 days, please contact Groups Co-ordinator at the address listed above for further assistance.

DISCLAIMER: CBSN cannot be responsible for the management of these groups, but we will work with you all as a team. We do not run therapy groups. These groups are purely peer support oriented and we cannot claim to completely understand complex mental health disorders or provide medical or psycho-therapeutic advice.