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*NEW – Webinar on Starting and Maintaining a BFRB Support Group, see video below!

“You are NOT alone.”


Starting a successful support group for BFRBs takes a lot of passion, commitment and dedication. At first it may seem like you are not reaching out to all the people you can, but in time your group will grow! Not every week will have large numbers of members attending, but it is still important to remember why you wanted to start the support group in the first place. Just know that you will be helping not only yourself by having these meetings, you will be helping dozens of people just like you who haven’t had anywhere to turn. CBSN is here to support you with any part of running a support group, just reach out and we will be there!

Step 1: Get your  CBSN & TLC Peer Support Package – Oct 2015 to learn how to start your own group/ the benefits of running one!

Step 2: Once you have read through the package, make sure you contact CBSN & let us know where you are interested in starting your group. We will post it on our website and share details on social media to let others know a new group is forming!

DISCLAIMER: The guidelines use our first successful peer support group as an example of how to run an independent, self-supporting group in your city/town. CBSN cannot be responsible for the management of these groups, but we will work with you all as a team. We do not run therapy groups. These groups are purely peer support oriented and we cannot claim to completely understand complex mental health disorders or provide medical or psycho-therapeutic advice.